Photoshop 101 question for sitepoint mods

Hi guys n gals,

I downloaded the photoshop giveaway yonks ago and was wondering if i would be allowed to put it on my colleges intranet along with the psd files to get the staff and students using photoshop proficiently.

It would be great if this is possible, but its always best to check first.



I very much doubt this is permitted, but I’ve forwarded your question to the SitePoint Headquarters. :slight_smile:

Hey there,
Thanks for checking - much appreciated.

Usually the answer would be no - we don’t allow distribution of our books like this, but The Photoshop Anthology is a very old title which we no longer sell so sure - go for it.

wicked much appreciated. thats saved me a load of hassle. the last set of instructions took ages to make idiot proof.