Photoshop opens, then closes after about fifteen seconds

A few days ago I downloaded and installed a Photoshop trial. When I launch the program it opens, and if I’m lucky I can open an image. But after about fifteen seconds I get a Windows notice saying it has to close again.

The message says:
“Adobe Photoshop CC2014 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”. (A classic Microsoft message. Accurate but useless.)

I have a good internet connection, and there’s no suggestion that there’s a problem with verification etc.

I have of course tried the Adobe KB and forums, but all the response I’ve got so far is supercilious and unhelpful.

I suspect there’s nothing for it but to uninstall and try again, but as this will mean downloading from the cloud all over again I would like to be sure there’s no alternative first.

Check your windows system event viewer to get more information on the crash.
Also, in the first moment it opens before it crashes (if possible) go to Help > System Info > Copy
This will also give you more info on what’s going wrong

Thanks, I’ll try that if I need to.

Unfortunately I’ve already uninstalled PS, so it will have to wait until I’ve downloaded and installed again. I shall hope, however, that re-installing will be sufficient.

uninstall Photoshop and install real version of cs

I might if money were no object. Is Photoshop not real, then ?

I reinstalled (it takes over an hour to do that on my connection), but with the same result.
Event Viewer points to one DLL being at fault. I’ll now have to see if Adobe are the least bit interested. On recent experience I’m not hopeful.
I also tried Help > System Info > Copy but the program froze before i could get to Copy.

Thanks for your help.