Photoshop CS5's new Content-Aware Fill

It’s pretty awesome:


Dan you beat me to the Punch in regards to Photoshop CS5 Official Launch.

April 12, 2010

That is quite amazing…this feature alone is such a time saver that I’m looking into the option of upgrading (when the time comes), though I really dislike that a new version is released every year. But this feature is good.

That tool is awesome :slight_smile: Wow Content Aware Fill I’ve run into the last examples a few times, but I still have to see what else CS5 offers before deciding :expressionless:

This feature alone makes me pre-order the Master Collection. An BTW happy birthday Photoshop 20 years and counting.

Tommi Heinonen

Looks promising with some cool features!
But as usual I will wait few months before investing in new licences and see more detailed feedbacks and materials.
For now I am happy with our CS4 installations…

“Take out the trash.” LoL.

Content-aware fill without the $1000 copy of Photoshop:

Demos using the same pictures as the Photoshop video, but with GIMP:

Son of a Bitc. I’m going to have to investigate what other features are in CS5 before upgrading, while GIMP has this free ArGH!!

Well this launch doesn’t mean the product is going on sale, it’s just a soft introduction to the public, your not likely to be able to buy the product till October (most people are saying). I would be interested to see if Adobe are still going to continue to charge extortionate prices to the UK (as they have been doing for a while) on this new version - we end up paying excessive amounts of cash on top of it’s US price (depending on the product) just for the sake of currency conversion - apparently Adobe + Math = excuse to spite their customers). Still be interested in the end product through, to quote someone on

Jaw on the floor. CS5 could tempt me to stop using MS paint…

PS: In regards to their price hiking, take Adobe Master (their most expensive creative suite product): US Price = $2,499 USD | UK Price = $3,792.76 USD (Converted)

You know who had this already before Adobe…?

MacGyver / MacGruber :slight_smile:

Watch MacGyver / MacGruber in Action !!!

Magic Fingers, do your stuff !!!”

This is going to be the best thing since sliced bread. Where has this tool been all my life of manually editing photos. That is sick!

In all honesty sliced bread was not anything grand, I know you could just be using a figure of speech :slight_smile:

This particular feature in Photoshop I’ve come across it in other tools, not just GIMP as mentioned by Dan but in another CG Tool but because that tool is so small on the radar compared with Photoshop it doesn’t have the impact as when it’s in Photoshop.

Knowing how to do the manual method helps because you never know what situation your in where you can rely on the manual method :slight_smile:

nice new tool Content Aware.

Why even keep healing brush tool then? if this thing is so powerful and takes all the trial and error out of it?

Dunno about Photoshop but the examples I’ve seen using the GIMP plugin did a pretty sloppy job IMO.

CS5! it is going to save my life and save me some $$$ in the long run. Goodbye to my over-inflated-invoice photographer!!! HAHA!

I know someone who wants to buy Photoshop CS5, the problem they have and I can understand is paying the $600+ for the software and not getting at least another upgrade part of the payment. In other words getting CS6 for free when it is released and then paying for a CSx upgrade, Adobe really has nothing for that I think it is only fair or for first time buyers of Photoshop they get a good discount.

It looks great… they really did their homework.

That is quite amazing … i like it a lot

more to learn from there

awesome! this feature alone is worth my upgrade.