Photoshop CS5 for cheap?

i was looking around and i saw these guys were selling Photoshop CS5 for $239. too good to be true?

The Master Suite is $600 for students! :goof:

Yeah. It is rad. I am a sophomore. Student discount is freakin sweet. I also got Windows 7 Pro for 30 bucks. So tight.

Anyone who claims you’re getting a product that heavily discounted (like more than 25%) is selling you either a pirated copy, an imported copy (which has been cracked to enable it to work in your region) or a student (academic) version you’re not licensed to own. Adobe have strict policies against imported stuff (hence their activation) and if you buy something that looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is. You should NEVER buy software from any website which isn’t well known or reputable, there are so many scam artists trying to sell you illegal or defective goods it’s not worth the risk of losing your money. :slight_smile:

Now if you were in the United States and are a student. You can get Photoshop CS5 Extended for $199 which is normally sold for $999. This is directly from Adobe.
Only in the United States (for now) can you use it for commercial work.

Probably. For one thing, they don’t provide a physical address or phone number and their returns policy is fairly sketch, so I wouldn’t count on getting a refund if your serial number doesn’t work.