An easy way to win a free copy of Adobe CS5

Hey guys

If anyone is interested in winning a copy of the Adobe CS5 Master Collection (worth over $2000!) then you should definitely go enter something in the Behance 5-weeks-of-5 contest that is running at the moment.

Behance 5 Weeks of 5 Contest

Full disclosure: I am one of the judges. And Adobe is an advertising partner on

The reason I thought I’d mention it here is because your chances of winning really are pretty freaking good. They are giving away 1 copy of Adobe CS5 Master Collection per week for 5 weeks, and while there were a ton of entries in the first couple of weeks, there were only 9 entries this week that I judged! And only half of them were eligible (the brief is to create something that showcases one of the new features in CS5). Half of the participants just upload their entire portfolio or some design project that they did for a client or in design school, which rules them out.

Given the campaign is winding down, the entries in the final couple of weeks could be even less again. So if you have the inclination to download the CS5 suite, use it to create something worthwhile, and enter it, then your odds really are very good. I would recommend you go enter.

There are two weeks left. Good luck! Let us know here if you enter something, so we can check it out!

Only open to U.S. anyway…

This would be great but its too late for me I think…

Highly doubtful, I don’t know of a single instance where a software producer has been required to charge different amounts depending on the nation due to intellectual property. If you are required to pay royalties or licenses for third party components, it’s done under license of the product (and is commonly based on the distribution), not in the markets it’s sold (which would imply the 3rd party issuers are illegally price hiking). Apart from that, Adobe have never stated that as an issue, they have however claimed it’s due to currency conversion (which is nothing short of lying to customers). Just ticks me off that their ripping everyone off. :slight_smile:

May be it is connected with some European or UK policy, e.g. trademarks, copyrights.

I know that Photoshop uses several 3rd party patents and 3rd party libraries.

Adobe can’t even price their products on a simple factor like exchange rates, what makes you assume they have the intelligence to ship software properly! :smiley:

Adobe CS5 Master Edition PC - Full (US Edition): $2,599
Adobe CS5 Master Edition PC - Full (UK Edition): $3,982 (Converted to USD)

Price Difference: $1,383 USD - Same Product, Same Version, Different Country.

Adobe are price hiking pirates (and only restrict their products by region to prevent people buying abroad), not that I’m bitter or anything :slight_smile:

Ah yes I forgot to mention this was USA folks only. Sorry Ralph and Mike :frowning:

At first I was disappointed to only discover this today, but now I see ralph’s post and I’d be ruled out anyway.
Fair enough that it’s US only though. After all there’s no way of moving a small box across an ocean :rolleyes:

Adobe basically admitted a few years ago that they charge what they think people will pay in different regions. Americans just won’t fork out as much as Europeans, Australians etc. It’s nothing to do with fairness, just greed (or perhaps collective stupidity on our parts!).

How I would have liked to do this, but my computer died 3 days ago and the new one will be here too late. Bummer.

The fine print
Winners will only be selected from the U.S.