Photoshop CS3: How to smooth edges/border of angled photo?

Howdy. I put border on my image and with free transform angled it 15 degrees. A Polaroid effect. The problem is when I put it at an angle the border becomes jagged. Seen here in poloriod on right. How to fix that? Thanks!

What is the file size of the image you are rotating? I find I only get that jagged look if the file size of the original is too small.

Just croped an image 180 x 180. Should I make it bigger - rotate it - then shrink it?

I would keep all file sizes / dimensions really big while you are getting the whole thing ready, and then save for web when it’s all ready. That works for me, anyhow.

Ok I’ll try that. Thanks Ralph!

what method did you use to put the border on? any live effect should NOT be affected much by resolution (size ) or angle ( except maybe if you dont have anti-alias on)

Pretty sure antialias is on. I just increased canvas size to create a 3px border.

If I can’t get it to my liking ill just use this guys or other maybe if I rotate his it won’t kill it.
Or here is another quality one

Makes sense now. You have a PRE MADE IMAGE, any effect you apply to such will take its toll ( this includes reducing,enlarging and rotating)
Here is a link to one of my sample files, maybe it will help.

This method is resolution independent ( except for your actual, photo of course). Place your photo in the photo layer and apply the rotation to the layer group.

[CENTER][/CENTER]Cool thanks. No I don’t have a premade image. I’m only going to try those if I can’t make one perfect. I just have a standard photo then put borders on it. Ill try all this tommorrow morning.

ya know what I think I was doing? I think I wasnt viewing it in actual pixels. Because now it looks fine which ever size I use.