cs4 - When I free-transform to slightly slant an image it distorts


I imported a png image into flash, which is basically a box with some text in it and a transparent background.

The problem is, I need the box to have a slight slant on it. I tried to slant the box by using the free transform tool. I tried this as a graphic and as a movie symbol, and also directly editing the image within the symbol.

The image is perfectly clear and crisp, but when I try to slant it the edges, the text, and basically the entire image becomes distorted. I am only able to flip the image on its side or put it upside down… but any slant whatsoever just distorts it.

I’ve been googling but no one mentions this issue or how to solve it.

Is there anything I am overlooking?

Thank you in advance.

Okay as a temporary work around, I used photoshop to slant the image. However although it doesn’t distort as much as the flash, it is still not as clear as if the image was straight/normal. Googling only allows me to find posts on how to distort images, not how to prevent distortion.

I feel like i am overlooking something very simple, or is this just an adobe flaw?

Hard to say without seeing your example. What do you mean by ‘slant’?
Do you mean skew or [URL=“http://www.flashconf.com/how-to/how-to-use-3d-rotation-tool/”]add perspective?

Make sure the image is placed on a whole pixel coordinate both within the movieclip, and on stage, and that the scale is 100%

I went into the bitmap properties, and allowed smoothing on. Doing this allows me to slant the image, but the overall image is blurry even when it’s not slanted and just normal. The preview window in bitmap properties looks completely clear but the actual image on the stage is blurry.