Photoshop Anthology

Okay SitePoint gods – I bring a question before you.

Does anyone know if they are planning on actually printing any more of the Photoshop Anthology books? It’s hard enough for me to try to read an entire book on a screen, but for something like photoshop where I would have to be following directions? Forget it.

I’ve thought of printing the pages out, but if I do that, then I might as well go to a print shop and have them print it as a book for me – but I don’t see the point in paying that much for the pdf and then paying another 40$ to have it printed.

Why? Personally I find it much easier to do this from a pdf. You can easily switch from Ps to the PDF and back without having to turn to a book, hold open pages etc.

As for your main question, I’m afraid I don’t know… but there is a 5 for one pdf deal on at the moment (I think it’s still on) meaning that you could get the pdf version effectively for around $5.

Well that’s spiffy – I’ll have to go see what I can get <3

I’m afraid there are no plans to reprint that book. :frowning:

Well that’s just sad sigh oh well, guess it’s gonna take me a month to get through it instead of a week or so… Lol, I’ve been reading at work during downtime, got through the principles of web design book in like 2 days.

Or I might have to look elsewhere, which I really don’t want to do.

It is a pretty old book (it was written before the days of CS I think) which is why there won’t be a reprint.

Oh, I see… Then why don’t they come out with a new edition or something? Does anyone know if she’s planning on rewriting it or anything?

Amazon (UK) have printed copies of it on sale atm via marketplace sellers. Have you had look at your local auction websites like ebay for it?