Facing problem in making a website

Hii friends,

I have completed hlml and css course. I want to make a funny pictures website where random pictures will show by clicking at a side button or just pressing keyboard left or right or just pressing refresh. Now I want to a new feature where user can comment and rate random funny pictures. Now I have realized that I cannot make my website with the help of html and css only. Can anyone suggest me what I do and what new language I learn to add my new feature to my website. :confused:

First, I recommend you get a good CMS—like MODx, ExpressionEngine or similar, as these provide a lot of functionality like commenting, galleries etc. out of the box. then maybe you’ll need some JavaScript to make the galleries a bit nicer looking. There are lots of gallery scripts available online.

I hate to make this recommendation but Wordpress would work well for this type of small site. Just attach an image to a blog post which would allow people to comment on it since it is a post. That is most likely the simplest options lacking the ability to program something yourself.

Yes, Wordpress and Blogspot are nice.
Can you use the gallery scripts on your own site? Ive tried a few, but looking for more that perhaps would be easier to use.
Thank you.

Each is different, so it depends on what kind of gallery you want.

I like some of the galleries, where you view the thumbnail version of the picture, click on it, and it becomes large. Then the option to go to ‘next’ or ‘previous’ or back to the entire gallery is very nice.
My fractal people have a Facebook picture album which does that, but Im not fond of Facebook.
I dont need the comment ability, I think that jAlbum comes the closest to some of the ones I have seen that I like the best.

But Im thinking now, that coding it myself with CSS, might not be something I could do. Though Ive come close.
I am going to take a Wordpress class, and see if that can be done with it. I dont want anything fancy, just a basic easy to use album.

The way pbase or iPhoto does it, is very nice. I would love to be able to do an album myself, and have it come out looking at least a little like what I described above.

There are lots of JavaScript galleries out there that are ready for use on your pages. It sounds like what you are trying to describe it a set of thumbnail images (perhaps arranged in a grid); and that when a thumbnail is clicked, the image appears enlarged over the page, with the background of the page darkened somewhat. This is really easy to do (and is usually called a “lightbox” gallery). There are lots of them around, but Slimbox is a good one.

This is a super one!
My real estate friend uses this on her website, of course she doesnt do it, as she doesnt know html and css. But I think I can.

I have one that works a bit like it, from dynamicdrive.com But it wont let you go to the next slide without clicking on the previous one to shrink it and to move on to the next. It makes you do an extra step, and I see that this one one does it just like I would love to learn!
I will give it a try tomorrow.
Thank you again!

Great, glad that helps. I do like Slimbox, and it’s very easy to set up. Do let us know if you need any help with it. :slight_smile:

Oh, I certainly will!
But I better go and start dinner now,

Looks exactly just what I want. I tried to download jQuery, but got just a HUGE amount of text, so I will come back to that later after dinner.

Yes, just Select All > Copy and paste all that code into a file called jquery.js (or something like that) and link to it on your gallery page with something like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/jquery.js"></script>

I was able to copy the source, maybe but nothing will download like a normal download works.
I took a screenshot to show what I get, but there is no download from this.

But I got TONS of code. I am afraid its their page and not the download, Ive tried all browsers and the download wont work.

Maybe because I have a Mac there is a problem?

The word Download is probably misleading. What you are seeing is correct. Just follow what I said in my previous post:

just Select All > Copy and paste all that code into a file called jquery.js (or something like that) and link to it on your gallery page …

So, copy all that code, and create a new, blank file called jquery.js. Paste the code into it. I don’t know why they don’t just let you donwload that code as a .js file, but so be it. (It would have to be zipped, so then you’d have to unzip it.)

The alternative (probably better) is to click Save As when you are seeing that code, and it will save the code as a .js file on your computer. It has a funn name (with “min” etc. and the version number) but that can be handy for future reference.

Oh, misleading for sure, I looked for the zip, it was nowhere. Thanks for clueing me in to that.
But I did copy the code into my TextEdit and named it jquery.js.
And did copy the html too, which was nothing that I need, it was just their download page.
But there was more that I didnt copy.

Is this what I should have?

This is a bit confusing for me, Im a bit of a beginner at this.

Thank you for your wonderful help, will be back at dawn.

That looks fine, although it appears to be the non-minified version. The minified version removes all the white space and makes it a slightly smaller download.

An alternative to all this downloading is simply to link to jQuery on Google’s servers, which some people argue is better anyway. Just include this code on your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8/jquery.min.js"></script>

Not sure what HTML you mean. If you click the Download button on the jQuery site, you get to that page with all the code, then click Save As to save the jQeury library into a .js file on your computer. No HTML anywhere.

I will have to study this a bit more, its a bit beyond my expertise at the moment.
Off to bed after walking our dog, but will attack this with vigor tomorrow.
Thanks again,

This morning its not quite so confusing, I managed to find their forum and found this message on there, after wading thru many questions of “where is the zip file”.
So now I have it, but the way you told me to get it beforehand worked too. They just need to make it a bit plainer on their site for newbies like me.

So onward and upward! I am now ready to prepare some images, and see what I can do. Thank you all again!

"http://jquery.com/download/ has REAL links to download jQuery (recent versions, minified and normal).

Don’t fall for the fancy looking button! Go for these. Just right-click and save.

Past Releases
Version Docs Downloads
1.8.3 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed
1.8.2 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed
1.8.1 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed
1.8.0 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed
1.7.2 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed
1.7.1 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed
1.6.4 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed
1.6.3 Release Notes Minified Uncompressed"

Got things working now, thanks to you people.
On my way to make some nice galleries.