Thumbnail galleries

I’m working on a portfolio website for my artwork and need some more info on creating a thumbnail gallery. My sitepoint book doesn’t delve into this topic very far. Any good recommendations on where I can learn more?

One website’s design I saw I’d like to replicate for my portfolio. The thumbnails were displayed across the top and dragging the cursor over a thumbnail made a larger version appear below. Or something similar, I’m not sure how advanced that might be for me to do. Any suggestions? Thanks


the only thing i’d do different is placement and i’d like a short description of the work below the image-title,medium, size

One site I looked at belongs to my I like the way his works because you can view the larger scale images without it opening a brand new page.

and if you like art, check out his paintings too. he’s an incredible painter

I would suggest you better use lightbox thats a cool stuff for thumbnails.

There are some examples of finish works at dynamicdrive you better check it out.

There are lots of these available for free online, all ready to place on your site. Perhaps show us the page you liked, and we can tell what script they are using, or suggest something similar if it’s not free to use.

If you’re already fairly comfortable with css, then one of the simplest ways might be to use disjointed rollovers. No need for javascript or external scripts or anything…just html and css. The page below is a good starting point for this. It explains the basics of the method and you’ll find an image gallery example at the bottom of the page.

Also, as dellex mentioned, Lightbox is another good alternative…

If you’re not familiar with Lightbox, click on the Image Set examples on that page to see how it would work for multiple images. Once clicked on, Lightbox basically displays the larger image above the page content without having to open a new page or popup. It also gives you the ability to add a short description or caption to each image and is fairly simple to use.