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hello sir, I have a personal site using the blogger platform, it has been running for 4 months.

I want to move to the wordpress platform, but I still have doubts because I don’t fully understand PHP.

what should I do in the future, is it just sticking to the blogger platform? please give me the tips

Switching from Blogger to WordPress doesn’t require more coding skills. Yes, But you need to know about WordPress functionality. You must comfortable with WordPress. When migrating your site from Blogger to WordPress, you get so many 404 errors as the permalink structure of blogger different from WordPress. So you have complete knowledge of WordPress. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of WordPress then you can easily found articles on the same topic over the internet.

And I would recommend you to choose WordPress over Blogger.WordPress offers so many features & functionally that not possible in bloggers.

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thank you very much for giving very good tips :slight_smile:

If you want to take your blogging to next level you should move on to WordPress. WordPress
has no limitations and it is also very easy to maintain and customize your site, which can be
done with the help of the plugins. You can easily move from Blogger to WordPress by utilizing
the WordPress import function.

You do not need to know PHP to use Wordpress

I like Wordpress as a blogging platform but it does have limitations

Migrating to the WordPress platform is the best and doesn’t required coding skills. All process are just with a few clicks and ur up. Their are alot of plugins for migrating.

The best is the blogger import plugin. What this does is it imports your blogspot content, comment, media and more to your new wordpress system.

Afterwards, are just some few optimization for link redirecting and customization. Trust me it easy.

I was formally on the blogspot platform before I later relocated my blog a month after. I was the best I did. Better control, optimization and SEO.

As a blogger myself, moving it to the wordpress platform is a good move because you’ll get more monetization opportunities–make sure you self-host your site! This way you get complete freedom with your ad placements and etc.

As the OP has not been seen in recent weeks, it seems pointless to continue offering advice.

Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.