Pear default include path


i just

echo get_include_path()

why is my include path


I dont use pear.

Is PEAR the default include path on every hosting ??


Maybe you don’t. Maybe XAMPP does.

If you look, is there a PEAR folder there with anything in it?

yes there are lot many folders under

Do you think i should replace it with
as i dont use pear


I haven’t used XAMPP in a long time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if phpMyAdmin used it.

Yes, there could be a great many folders / files.

That’s the beauty of OOP. Instead of a few mega sized files everything is it’s own thing.
That can be a problem with OOP. Everything is it’s own thing. It can be a major pain getting all the dependencies together

Personally, as long as they’re working and I was unsure if they might be being used I would leave them be and experiment with using some of them.

There are some very amazing PEAR extensions. Just about one or more for just about anything you may be interested in.

Some have been deprecated, some are in want of a maintainer, some have long standing issues.
So if you have a good bundle put together you may regret deleting it later.

Unless of course you’re hurting for disk space.

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