PHP 4 Path Issues


My web host is stumped so this board is my Obi Wan Kenobi.

Long story short, a new linux dedicated server of ours hosts php 5.3.4 by default. With that said, we realized (for now) we are better off with php 4 due to old scripts on the server that need tweaking in the future. So, when the host installed php4 with Easy Apache, I added a line to my .htaccess
to load php4 but I get path errors which cannot find our Pear library files. With php 5 this is NOT an issue.

The .htaccess file I have offers include paths, such as:

php_value include_path /home//public_html/lib:/home//public_html/lib/pear:/home//public_html/lib/pear/DB:/home//public_html/lib/Smarty/:/home/****/public_html/:/usr/php4/lib/php:/usr/local/php4/lib/php:/usr/lib/php

Works great when php 5 is loaded. When I add this line and load php 4 via .htaccess, all include files for our pear library are not found:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php4 .php

WE get this error:

Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘DB/common.php’ (include_path=‘.:/usr/php4/lib/php:/usr/local/php4/lib/php’) in /home/wwwufomu/public_html/lib/pear/DB/mysql.php on line [B]32

How is it possible that the same code, same .htaccess works great with php 5 but not php 4? Does the php 4 php.ini maybe have paths that cause errors? The host is stumped and so am I.


PS. [/B]Each file that includes a pear file uses:

Works great in php 5 using the php include paths in .htaccess. Php 4 blows up even though .htaccess is identical.

PPS. My web host said the php 4 path is:
/usr/bin/php5 but the error shows:

Should I just edit the php.ini include paths for both 4/5 myself and resolve this? Would that do the trick? Meaning, point those paths also to the smarty template files.

Seems since php 4 was loaded as cgi with Easyapache it’s not able to read the .htaccess path that are ready when php 5 is loaded.

Would the only solution be to fix php.ini for php 4 and set the include paths?

Fixed. I just went into php.ini for php4 and added the proper paths.