PDF generator

Hi guys,
I need some functionality where the user can print/save the web page as a pdf. There are a variety of solutions out there, but Im not sure which one is best. Can anyone recommend a good paid solution - one which doesnt contain any adverts and is really easy to implement? To clarify: I want a ‘print page’ link on the webpage which - when clicked - saves/prints the page as a pdf.

If you can install software on your server (i.e a dedicated / vps server) then you can use wkhtmltopdf to easily convert html to a pdf

Unfortunately I cant install stuff on the server :confused:

Something like jsPDF (a javascript library that can create a PDF on the browser) might be worth a look if you can live with its limitations.

If your users don’t mind installing any software on their computer and are using Windows, they could use PDFCreator or a similar program. You’d have an option to generate a “printer friendly” version of a page. The user would use the PDF creating software to generate a PDF copy of the page.

What server-side scripting language is being used?