How to save current web page,with save button?

Hi all,

I want to add the functionality of saving the current web page, by clicking the explicitly added an “save this page” button.

If user clicks that button, it will ask the location to save in the current system, currently the user is using to access that page… if it will be like as pdf or image format to be save, not like a document…

how to do this with php or javascript?

Can any one help regarding this…

Thanking you…

Without any browser plugins or PDF printers, as far as I know you can only do this with a PHP PDF class. Probably the best choice is the open source project TCPDF. It’s really worth giving it a try.

Thank you for your reply…
But it is more complex.
Is there any simple solution to do this?

Well… magic might help but I wouldn’t know where to start. :slight_smile: Now seriously, there are only a few ways to save a full webpage:

1. Use Internet Explorer and save the webpage as MHT;
2. Use Mozilla Firefox with the Mozilla Archive Format or [URL=“”]Pixlr Grabber add-ons;
3. Install a PDF printer on your computer so you can print to PDF (doPDF, BullZip PDF, PrimoPDF etc);
4. Install a PHP PDF class that will generate the PDF on your server and allow a single click save button as you want.

There is no browser standard to do what you want, like window.print() - that’s why there is no easy way for your need.

how to use ‘PHP PDF class that will generate the PDF’ ?
I want to know the steps to generate it…

Please help me regarding this…

Thanking you…

Well I can’t do the job for you but here’s what you should do:

1. Read the installation instructions;
2. Check out the page about handling fonts;
3. Read the TCPDF Performances page carefully so you know what to do with your server configuration if you want this class to perform optimally or to find out what to look for if it doesn’t work at all with your current setup;
4. Check the examples page to look for the code you need for your site/CMS.