Convert Web page to PDF

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a API, class, or other method to program a component to enable the on-the-fly conversion of a Web page (or series of Web pages) into one PDF file.

I have seen some PHP sources, but I am curious if there are any for ASP,, and/or HTML.

What are the best practices for doing this?

Much appreciated in advance!

I recently built a web application that needed HTML to PDF conversions and was incredibly unhappy with any of the opensource applications I found out there. I was looking for PHP but I’m sure there’s .NET versions as well. I ended up using a service which saved me loads of development time and did the best job at accurately converting the files.

Ideally, most of the time we would try to host our own dependencies rather than rely on a service but they just did such a great job that I made an exception this time.

I know this doesn’t completely answer your original question but it may be an option for you.

If you want a solid solution, I would look into using open office. You can script it from the command line, but I think there are api’s for various languages too.

Thx for this info. I ll check it out