PAYPAL-question (sending money via php-script)

Hi @ all,

does anyone know if i can transfer a certain
amount from my paypal account to another
paypal account
? the payment shall be triggered
by a php-script on my website…

any ideas?


You can try the MassPay API. I’m not sure if it would work with a PHP script, but you could give it a shot.

Go to
Create an account if you don’t have one
Log in and click on “Help Center”
Click on the API Reference link

The API Reference PDF file will include instructions for using the MassPay API.

When you use PayPal’s Mass Payment feature, you can send money from your balance to another PayPal account or to an unregistered email address. Your recipients are not charged any fees on the payments, even if they have Premier or Business accounts. You will be charged a fee for each payment sent, but it charges you just 2% of the payment amount up to a maximum fee of $1.00 per payment. You must have enough funds in your PayPal balance to cover the entire payment amounts and fees in order to send a Mass Payment.

For more information, you can click on the “Mass Pay” link in the footer of the PayPal home page.


thanx a lot. the masspay-option probably
could help me out. i´ll give it a try…

anyway, if anyone knows an alternative
way, let know :wink:

cheers, mika