Integrating Paypal into a website - is this possible?

I’m a bit of a newb and have never integrated paypal into a website before so I apologise for my lack of knowledge.

I’m trying to build a website which allows users to sign up and, assuming they get themselves paypal premier accounts (so they can receive payments by credit card) they will be able to receive payments from other users of my site.

So someone will sign up using their Paypal email address, and other users will then be able to send them money through my site. If they use one of my special services then I also want to be able to take a 1% fee of the money sent.

I’m using cakephp and I’ve searched and found a few cakephp related paypal components but to me it seems that these are aimed at people who want to just use their own paypal account to receive money. Like having a paypal checkout button. Whereas I want to be able to direct money into many different paypal accounts. Is this possible? And if so can any kind soul direct me to where I should be reading (pref something not too difficult - I’m a learner!).

Also as a side note, are there any special security issues I need to take care of when dealing with paypal, especially considering the particular nature of what I want to achieve? How easy would it be for a bad person to alter someones paypal email to direct funds to themselves?

many thanks in advance

You can easily create a site that lets people send money to other PayPal accounts. You’ll just be building and redirecting to PayPal URLs with the other users’ PayPal e-mail instead of your own in the link. You can specify the IPN postback URL as part of the payment link (notify_url parameter) so that your script gets notified when a payment goes through and you can update your database.

What you can’t do is also take 1% off the payment automatically. Like eBay and everyone else, you will not be a party to the payment between the buyer and seller (or whatever you call your users). You just make note that a transaction occurred and whoever owes a fee/commission has to pay that separately.