Paypal Issue - Changing Account Holder Details

I need to change the account holder name for my business paypal account.

I was new to paypal when I created the account and seem to have done something wrong as my account holder name is my business name (and it obviously needs to be what appears on my bank statements - my personal name) for me to withdraw funds/authenticate my bank account.

My business contact name and personal name are correct, but I was wondering what I can do to change this account holder name to match my personal name. It seems really strange on Paypal’s part to put that as the account holder name without warning me during set up as I assumed that it would put MY name instead.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Thanks. :slight_smile:

To have the business name listed as the account name is why you set up a business account. It’s the only thing that sets apart a business account from a premier account. If you don’t want the business name to be listed, then you need to somehow switch account types. However, I’ve never had a problem transferring funds in or out of a personal bank account with my business PayPal account. Only an account number and routing number are necessary to do a bank transfer AFAIK, not a name.

there is no problem transfering funds or verifying paypal if you have business account with business name and you use your personal account which is also listed with paypal account

Oh really? I’m sure that I remember reading somewhere on paypal a warning like ‘Your account name should match the name on your bank statement’ or something?

Give PayPal a call and ask. I’ve called customer support before, it was a good experience. There was a menu but as soon as I hit the number for business support, I got a real person in one ring.

Ok, thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh really? I’m sure that I remember reading somewhere on paypal a warning like ‘Your account name should match the name on your bank statement’ or something?

Yes and if it will be different name, maybe it woth simple creat other account?

Yes but I won’t be able to transfer by funds to a new account without bank authorization. Can anybody tell me definitely if I’ll be able to transfer my funds without the ‘account holder’ paypal detail matching my bank account?


You are allowed one busines or premiere account, and one personal account, for a total of two accounts with PayPal. A personal account cannot accept credit card payments, among other limitations. If he tries to open a premier account as well as the business account he already has open, he will lose both accounts.

Yeah I’m not planning on opening another account. However, can anyone let me know about my problem? I’m really not sure whether I should try and transfer the funds using the business name (I mean it’s not even a registered business just my previous website’s name that I thought I was meant to put in during registration with Paypal originally).

As long as all the other details are correct will this matter?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Why haven’t you called PayPal and asked them?

Just because of time constraints (It’s been too late here to call), I was planning on calling tomorrow, but just wanted as much info as possible before doing so.