Paypal business account

I just want to upgrade the paypal Premier account to a Business account, which allows to use a business name rather than personal name. A few things are unclear: will I be able to withdraw money to debit card linked to Paypal account, as card issued in personal name, not company name? Also, it is possible to choose which details to display on payment receipts under Merchant info?

Actually I don’t think that can be changes personal to business, can you please once go through paypal setting.

im pretty sure everything linked remains linked to the account, I have issues understanding what exactly is what with paypal documentation sometimes too because of the “different” products. I gotta say though I have dealt with PP’s customer service a few times and they are pretty decent. Calling them may be your best bet.

in case you never called before you have to log in, find “contact us” (i think its under help) and then find “by phone” so many sites are changing the UI its hard to keep up. But they will give a number and a code to eneter when you call to prove its you

It should be fine. You can do business as yourself so a business account is still often appropriate if you are selling under your own name.

In the profile section there are settings which control what the customer sees on their statement, the checkout system, and in their email receipt.

you can change to business account but it will charge you some dollors

where you have found this?

espring just see at

That is simply not true. You can have a personal account and a premier or business account, and there is no charge to set up either. From PayPals FAQs:

You can have one Personal account and one Premier or Business account. However, each account must contain a unique email address and unique financial details.
You can also upgrade your account. If you can’t find the answers you need here, then JamesKenny has given you the best advice - ask PayPal.