PayPal - Accepting Payments

Hi, i have just set up my first eCommerce site and i am wondering what the best way is to set up my PayPal account.

I have built the site using a Wordpress template and i have entered my PayPal id in the Payments section in the Wordpress admin.

I have ran a few test transactions and the money ends up at my PayPal account but i feel like i need to do more :frowning:

Can someone help me with the following:

1 - I just set up my PayPal account as a normal account… is there any additional settings that i should set as this PayPal account will only be used to accept payments for my website.

2 - i find the site very confusing and overloaded with information, where can i control my VAT % etc

3 - does anyone have an UP TO DATE introduction to the above setup as most of the tutorials online seem out of date

Thanks in advance for your help…

if you were able to get money - you done all right.

settings can be changed on paypal profile pages.

another way to use paypal - is to use buy now buttons.

Thanks, the theme has it’s own way of processing the transaction to the cart so i don’t need to use buy now buttons