Making a PayPal Button That Accepts Credit Cards

I have a PayPal button[B] on this page[/B] and about 50 others. I need help to properly configure the link so visiotrs can pay using their credit cards. I was certain this was set up properly, because as you will notice by clicking the button, it takes you to a page that then allows visitors to enter their info…can someone test it as though they were entering CC info? Don’t worry, you won’t have a card charge or that, just use hypothetical info. I ask this, because a recent client couldn’t use the page…she said it kept telling her she needed to have “cookies activated” Not sure what I need to do to set this up right.

The right hand side of the page it links to for me gives a sopt at the top to login to Paypal with the area under that being for paying by credit card.

I think the problem is “cookies”.

AFAIK PayPal uses cookies and they need to be enabled to process the payment.

It would be nice if there was some clue for those not browser savvy on how to to it.

Do you have any control on that paypal page as far as adding a message that might help?

Thank you both for your input…yes, I can access the pages for adding a message. Here is the crux of the matter…that same PayPal link was used on a Windows-built site and people had no problem logging in to pay using their credit card…now that I have it on a Linux-based host with WordPress theme, there have been two people who’ve indicated they cannot log in because of “cookies” being the problem.

It sounds to me as if the change of server is a red herring and the issue is simply the customer’s browser setting. If their browser is set to block all cookies, then they’ll get a warning similar to this anywhere that setting causes a problem. As Mittineague says, It would be nice if there was some clue for those not browser savvy on how to to it.