Payment form advice?

I have a client that asked me to create a registration form for his site. He wants to collect customer info and collect payment

My guess is that PayPal will be the easiest option for taking payment.

Can you give me advice how to create the form for collecting customer information and how to integrate the form with PayPal

Sorry if this is a general question I have no idea where to start.


paypal has a lot of info on thier api. This is where you should start reading.

OK thanks for the links I will take a look and see how I make out.

Having a hard time dose any one know of any good tutorials.

One more thing. Is creating a form and taking payment that complicated. As usually money and time is in short supply.

Also remember to purchase ssl certificates

If you’re not collecting card details on site, then I don’t think you will need an SSL certificate. If you are, then you will need both an SSL certificate and probably PCI compliance (which can be time consuming and expensive).

The easiest thing to do would be to send your customer to PayPal to collect their card details, using the most basic Web Payments Standard.

I think there is example code in the docs.

If you need to collect information and enter users into the database upon successful payment, look into IPN (instant payment notification).

Use the os0, os1, on0 and on1 (optional fields) to send the customers details through PayPal and when successful, PayPal will send those vars back to your IPN script. Now the IPN will enter the details into the database.

PayPal has IPN scripts available.

I need to collect Hockey registration information. Some examples are:

Child age
Parent name
What hockey camp
Contact info

I would like to collect this information click submit and have PayPal take over. Then once things are good with PayPal all the hockey registration info would be submitted. Finally ending up at a complete page.

I don’t think I will need a ssl certificate because PayPal will take care of this.