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Hi, can i ask some with you all, I want to make a registration form that will use paypal, I am confuse of what field should i put on my form,

Hi have this in my form,

mobile no

what are the requirements for the paypal field,is it card no. and card name only?

Thank you in advance.

I don’t really understand what you’re doing here. If you’re taking payment by PayPal, then all you need is a PayPal button which will take the customer to the PayPal site to make the payment. One of the main benefits of using PayPal is that you don’t take credit card details on your own site, with all the security issues that entails. The card details should only be entered on the PayPal site, and PayPal take care of the security.

Hi Techno Bear, Thank you for the reply…I am making page that our client pay for the subscription…if the client will register i want that he will pay the desired amount just like other page that has paypal…sorry for this, i am not yet familiar with paypal and how to use this.

Well, I think the first thing to do would be to visit the PayPal site and find out how it works. As far as I know, you need to create a PayPal button for the subscription within your client’s PayPal account and add that to your page. When somebody decides to sign up, the “Pay Now” button will take them to the PayPal site, where they can securely enter their details and PayPal will transfer the payment to your client’s account.

Hi, Thank you for enlighten my mind, okay i understand now so this what the paypal works,…I must have to create account in order to have a paypal button. Thank you :slight_smile:

one last question…is paypal will work if i only test in my localhost?

Yes - you can test locally and (provided you have an internet connection) the PayPal button will still take you to the PayPal site. It’s basically just an external link with added information for PayPal to process.

Thank you…

Hi Techno Bear, I am back again because i am having trouble with my paypal, I already created the button subscribe and the i pasted the code in my form, now, i want to test the subscribe button,but the problem is i don’t have any credit card or debit card, i only want to test my subscribe button so that i can see the payment in my paypal or successfully subscribe, …can you help me please is there anyways to test this without using the credit car or debit card, something like demo on subscribing.I hope you understand me.

Thank you in advance.

No need to give the details of credit card ,these all credential keep secure by Paypal,when you are creating Paypal panel…you just need to put that button in your website.

jemz, you will need to sign up for a free developers account at paypal and use the SANDBOX service they provide. It behaves like the real Paypal systems but uses dummy/fake details so you dont end up spending your cash etc.

Hi, I created my paypal and then i logged in, i created 2 account in the sandbox accounts. personal and bussiness…now how can i create button for my susbscription, i want to have subscribe button, and how can i test this button in sandbox, i read the documentation but i could not understand, there is no example on how to use. I hope someone will enlighten my mind.and help me on this.

Thank you in advance and i am hoping for your positive response.

Hi spikez, yes that’s what i want just dummy payment…yes i already sign up in the by using my paypal account…okay can you please guid me step by step.i delete now the subscribe button in my page, and i want to create another button,the reason i delete it because it’s not working i got an error.,…so where i can create button now so that it will work, by the way that button i created previously was in the,i think that’s the reason it’s not working.

please help me i really need this


Note: you do not need to have a real PayPal Business account set up in order to set up a sandbox account. They’re totally separate.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign Up Now”, and fill in your information to register. This creates a developer account. You can use this to create multiple test accounts. For example, if you wanted to test a setup where you’re paid via bank account, and another setup where you’re paid via credit card, you could set up one test account for each. You sign into with your developer account, and you will sign into with your test accounts.
  3. Once you’re logged in to under your new developer account, click “Create a preconfigured account”.
  4. Choose the “Seller” account type, then enter any other information you’d like.
  5. Once that account is created, go to the Test Accounts tab. This will list your sandbox accounts, showing the e-mail address login for each.
  6. Click “Enter Sandbox Test Site” to be sent (or you could just go there manually).
  7. Sign in using your test account.
  8. When you’re logged in here, a warning: make sure the address of the site always says I clicked a certain link and was incorrectly sent to the production PayPal site, so that could have been unfortunate.
  9. On the top tab bar, click “Products & Services.”
  10. Then click “Get Paid” on the bar below that.
  11. Scroll down to find the “Add Payment Buttons” link and click it.
  12. Click the “Setting Up” tab in the middle of the page.
  13. Choose the style of button you want, and click it.
  14. Make sure you’re still on–if not, go there and start over.
  15. Follow the instructions on the screen to customize your button. In particular, under Step 3 you may want to enter a success and cancel URL to send users to, so they can get back to your app and so your app gets information about the purchase.
  16. Click “Create Button” and you’ll be given the code for your button. That’s it.


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Hi spikez, the steps is different in the new, i could not see “Create a preconfigured account”. and also i could not see the Test account tabs.

Hi, After performing the steps 11, i could not find the Setting Up tab…where was that located?

Hi spikez, I think it’s working now, i can try now to subscribe…Thank you so much :slight_smile: