Integrating Paypal or Google into a custom form


Wondering if anyone can provide any pointers on this please.

I want to collect information from purchasers of a service on my site, but rather than collect the information (via a form), get them to submit that and then offer them the opportunity to pay, I want to do it all in one.

So, they’ll complete the form and then simply hit the Google checkout or Paypal button. This will both a) send the form information I need to me and b) take them into the checkout process.

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t see how to achieve both things from one form, i.e. pass the custom information I need via the payment service.

Any suggestions please? Oh, I know you can do this with services like WuFoo, but it would be nice to have complete control.

I use this for PayPal so I am not sure about Google checkout. What you need is PayPal Instant Payment Notifications.

You tell PayPal the URL to notify when the transaction is complete. They use the POST method to send you the information, you reply back to them and then you can access all the information from that transaction. You are able to tell if the payment is successful or failed and you can take appropriate action based on that.

It is a lot more complicated than that so I would suggest you read up on it to get a better understanding.

Thanks Coryboy.

So if I use the IPN of Paypal will it allow me to ‘see’ other information that I may have set up as part of the form i.e. I can see my custom form fields?

That’s right you get all the information, including the custom fields. You also get details about whether the payment was successful so you can choose how to process the information based on this.