Partition issues

I want to extend system partition from D drive (logical drive) without data loss; partition softwares including minitool partition wizard (which is terminating midway), EaseUs (inefficient apk) are not helping… while diskmgmt.msc does not show extend; apk recommendation accepted too…

Could you post a screenshot of disk management so we can see what space is available, etc


Do you mean extend C drive taking from D drive?

How much? The strategi for a safe resizing also depends of how much room is left for data on the D drive.

Is the computer a desktop or a laptop? If it’s a desktop you might want to consider getting a second hard drive onto which you could move the contents of the D drive. The existing one would be the primary drive, with the new drive being a secondary drive

Extend system partition (primary drive C) taking from drive D. The space left on D is 149GB.

It’s a desktop and moving files to another drive is what I wanted to bypass.

EaseUS should work. I’ve used it a lot. That’s typically how I can partition my HD to run multi-boot. And if EaseUS didn’t work, I would never have

I suggest you don’t move all avaiable space on D to C, that could cause the partitioning software (EaseUS) to choke, the operation must have room to temporarly store chunks of duplicated data for moving.

Another approach could be to take @SpacePhoenix tip and

  1. copy all data on the D drive to a second harddrive for backup and then:
  2. remove the D partition,
  3. extend the C partition with say 140GB*,
  4. create the D to take what room is left,
  5. copy the D backup back to the now smaller D drive.
  6. check D for errors, and if none found you can remove the backup and
  7. the second harddrive.

Good luck, and have no power outage now.

*) If you only move say 100GB, you could divide the D drive to a D and E, and copy all D data to E, then repeat from 2) above.

If you go for the 100GB option. Be sure to defragment the D drive for fast file access first, i.e. collect all data in the front space of the drive.

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