Create new partition without data loss

Partition magic 8.0. It is software. You can create new partition with this software without any data loss. However, you need more knowledge about it before use it. Otherwise, you will loss your all-necessary data.
I am trying to inform you about this nice software below:
• Collect the partition magic 8.0 software from any where
• Install it in your pc like others software [ double click and follow the requirement ]
• After installing run the partition magic 8.0
• At first we will see how many drives we have, Let our pc has five (5) drives like drive-C, D, E, F, G If we think we need more drives than we will create new drive/ new partition
• To create new partition/drive click create a new partition under pick a task menu
• Click Next
• A chart will come that asked you “Where to create”. Than select the location on the disk where, you would like to create the new partition. Let select D drive and click Next
• It the list below check the partition that can donate space for creating the new partition [If there is unallocated space on the disk, it will be used first, before other partitions are resized smaller]. I think mark all drive and click next.
• Choose the size, label and other properties of the new partition such as
Size 10000 MB
Label Game
and press/ click Next
• Now you will see before and after position of your drive / partition.
• To apply the partition click close (x)at the top Right of the programmed.
• Computer will be restart.
• Now we will see our pc has six (6) drives like drive-C, D, E, F, G, H

From the above discussion, we can learn how to create a new partition without any data loss.