Page Title - Remove Quotation Marks

Any idea how I could remove the quotation marks from the title of this page:

From “Blog” to Blog.

It originally was: Category “Blog” and I was able to get rid of the word ‘Category’ in the archive.php file.

Please note the page is automatically generated when blog posts are created and does not appear in the ‘Pages’ section on the dashboard.


A blog is usually a series of Posts (as opposed to pages). It is hard to know how you have Wordpress set up but check your Post’s section and look at the categories. If there is a Blog category check what the entries for the Name and Slug are.

A blog is basically an archive page of a particular category. Unfortunately depending on how you set up Wordpress this can also be set via a custom post type in your theme. The best solution is to change it through the Admin panel if it is available, that way any future updates will preserve the change. This isn’t always the case when manually editing the php files.

Slackr, yes you are right it is a generated page of Blog Posts. I checked the ‘Blog’ category but the Name and the Slug have no “” around them.

Would it be somewhere in the Archive.php possibly? My php skills are poor however!