WP - How to remove the site name from the Title Display

Hi all,

I haven’t posted in a while. A new forum design I see :smile:

Anyway, I see someone else had this issue & no one told them how to fix it.

For most of my blogs using WordPress, it automatically adds the name of the blog to the end of the Title.

For example:

This is the title - Name of blog

I’m using Yoast’s SEO plugin, but I don’t think that’s the issue.

Can someone tell me how you remove it so I can do that for every blog of mine & I also need to know if this will then change all the titles for all the posts already live.

Thanks a ton


hmm, Wish I could help but I know nothing about how that plugin works.

Are you against directly editing your templates? Because then you could add the code for it inside of the title tags.

Well I’m not a website coder, so I wouldn’t know how to do that.