Original website design

Coding a website is one thing, artistic skill is another one.
Are you really pulling out 100% from your mind?
I bet any website is a combination of things designer liked here and there…
If i am wrong, how to you learn to get creative without being an extravagant?
Is there some good book to at least give some rules or checklist?

Hi PallaviSingh. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

SitePoint has a few books you could take a look at:

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Sexy Web Design

But don’t be afraid to be original. There’s a lot of sameness out there. Study from the best examples you can find and see how they did what they did … then find your own style. But always remember that content is more important than design, so let the needs of the content inform the design. That’s your best reference point, in my 'umble opinion.

Being creative takes lot of practice. Mind need to be trained for a substantial period of time to get used to the creative thinking.
A good designer would try to learn from the predecessors footprint I guess, and then develop own style.


“Don’t be a copy, as you are born original”… just meant to say, start making anything from your own, do practice as much as you can… you just need basics of designing you can refer W3schools.com to learn it . when you start designing the websites , you will learn from your mistakes and will become perfect.


Not real big on recommending W3Schools around here. There are many other, superior resources on the Web. Check w3fools for more info.

I can assure you if you do not have the artistic skill nor a designer you won’t be pulling it 100% from your own mind how can you when you don;t have the gift the only way is to see what the expert do then turn it into your own design. I always look at what others do then create my own design from their inspirations. I can assure you lots of other people do the same thing. I am no designer nor have any artistic skills but spending times looking at other designers work and with time your own ideas with come but you need that inspirations from the expert first.

I am afraid not everyone is born to be artistic or a designer and if you haven’t born with it the idea will not come to your head that only happens when you look at what the experts do and get inspired by their works period.

Original is great but I always found taking inspiration from other sites to be beneficial to see what works and what does not.

I agree when i first started with web designing I didn’t have a clue until I look at other websites then ideas just come naturally.

I think Original website design is depend on color combination, website subject and others site detail that after you think about any original website look.

The color combination is not only factor, I guess the relevant themes matters a lot.