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How do I make a good looking website if I don’t know web design? I know a ton about CSS and HTML and javascript, but anytime I decide to make a website it looks like shit. I want to get experience freelancing and building a portfolio, but I don’t see how I can without being able to design a good looking website.

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SitePoint has a book which might interest you:

There are also sites like, which can give you ideas and inspiration.

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Possibly you need some inspiration. Consider looking at at the following two sites for some inspiration.



I’m not advocating that you copy the design and color scheme exactly but you should see how good designs look.


I’ve done a lot of working improving my design, but it just seems like it is very difficult to make a website that actually looks OK. My skill is building a website, not designing it. I’m happy to learn design, but if I don’t have to, I won’t.

You can try using!

Most people are proficient at either one or the other. In most professional settings different people/groups are responsible for design and development. Design and development are two very different things that each require separate skills. One is highly technical typically associated with a computer science education and other highly creative associated with a graphic design education. Some people just aren’t creative as others aren’t very technical. One person doing both is not the recipe for success.Compensation for development is much higher than design anyway.

Wordpress is the easiest platform. Find a good theme, install in your hosting and edit as you like. I personally recommend wordpress over joomla because of the easiness in using.

Use wordpress, Install a theme framework then learn how some basic php and you ready to go. I customizedmy site without learning from pro’s. Just me and my friend Google. I even built my own theme framework. You said you know CSS HTML and JS. Should not be hard for you. Also use good looking websites as a reference.

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