Optimize image for web

So, I was told that I could optimize an image which I should,

[QUOTE=Paul O’B;5619397]I prefer the previous version.:slight_smile:

That one is too big and I couldn’t work out where I was. I thought I was on another site or another page!

The page is scrolling if you just move the mouse and you can view top and bottom.

That image is way to big a filesize as I assumed the slideshow wasn’t working first time as nothing happened. It was taking so long to load I thought it was broken. The image is 2mbytes which is about 10 times too big a file size for real use. 2mbytes is much more than the resources I would use for a whole page. You should be able to optimise that image down to under 200k without much loss of quality.[/QUOTE]

I did decrease the file size from 7.01 MB to 5.42 MB, but it is of course too large still.

The image was 299 pixels/inch.

So, I opened up the file in photoshop > changed the pixels/inch to 150 pixels/inch (this of course reduced the width and length of the image) > saved the file > resized the file to the original pixel width 2668 x 2000.

I originally tried this setting the pixels/inch to 72 pixels since that is was I thought the resolution should be for the web. However, too much resolution was lost.

So, am I doing this correctly?? Is there a better way?

You can look at the image on this site. It is the background image

Use Save For Web in Photoshop and you should be able to reduce that down to around 250kb by tweaking the JPEG settings.
Because you are using it for a background, you dont need the resolution clarity that a big image would give you.

You might also want to do something with the Mexican flag which is also enormous!

You can use first Menu / File / Save For Web in Photoshop then JPEG medium format select and then save file.That’s It .Thank you…

There are lot of online tools that can help you to give an optimized images size. You can upload bulk images, or even a folder and download a zip.

It depends what are you using that file for … post it on the web for printing, or just viewing? More than 72 ppi is required for printing, but normal web images are 72ppi, independent of the dimensions of the picture. If you just wanna use that as a background, just open the original in Photoshop, resize it to whatever dimension you need it, then save for web as a Jpeg, and set the quality to 75% maybe. It should result a file smaller than 1Mb.

If it is a png image send it through https://tinypng.com/ which will compress the image.

First time found this site, tinypng.com. It gives option to upload then it allow us to download. So, the confusion is how it compress the image. Please help. It will help me as well.

I think they use less colors for the image. PNG is loseless, so there can`t be lower quality as in jpeg. Maybe they normalize the colors, merging the most similar colors into one.