How I add PDF file?

Want to include a newsletter that someone sent me in my site. It is pdf format. Do I save it as an image or a file?
Have tried the <a href> and <img src> and can’t seem to get it to open.

If you just want to link to it, then <a href=“filepath/newsletter.pdf”>Newsletter</a> should open it in a PDF viewer.

I keep getting the message “your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded” when I click on the link?

Is the PDF file hosted on your server? Which browser are you using? Can you provide a link we can test?

Using IE9, and yes the pdf file is locaed in my images folder. I have been able to add a pdf file in the past, but that was with Vista, and IE7. I checked the file download (enable) in IE tools, and also just downloaded the latest Adbove Reader. Same result?

This is my entry: <p>I always look forward to receiving <a href=“images/PelicanNov.pdf”> The Pelican Pouch…</a></p>

I can’t see why that wouldn’t work. I’d suspect some IE security setting. Can you try it with another browser - Firefox, Opera or something?

Please provide a link to the PDF for us to test.

It does open in Firefox. sooooo guess I need to see what is going on with IE9. Jesus I am so sorry I ever bought a new PC. Vista was working fine. Now I have problems with everything.

Well, at least you know there was nothing wrong with your code. :slight_smile:

I am still stymied by this “your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded” and at my wits end. Since the majority of my visitors use IE I need to come up with a solution. Hoping someone had this problem before and found an answer…

why dont you host your PDF on some pdf online viewer sort of website like google docs and give link on your website so when people click on it they ill automatically see pdf on google pdf viewer?

What is the exact URL to the PDF file?
Make sure you’re not trying to load it from your own disk (e.g. <a href=“c:\pdfs\file.pdf”>pdf file</a>)
That can cause the security settings message, I think.

I have not uploaded the PDF file yet, but I can view it using Firefox. NOT IE. The majority of my visitors us IE. I was able to post PDF easily when I had Vista and IE7. I have fooled with IE till I am blue in the face and I cannot understand why FF works and IE does not, and yes I know I can use Firefox but that doesn’t help anyone viewing that uses IE. There has to be an answer to this…

I’ve never had problems viewing PDFs with IE9. Can you try uploading the page and the PDF and post the link so we can test it for you? That way we can see if it’s a general problem or not.

This is the link

pdf is at bottom of page…

The link shows in FF, but when I view source in IE…it does not?

That is because of Windows’ security settings. You won’t be able to use Javascript locally with Internet Explorer either.

I will take your word for it… My older PC (with Vista and IE7) allowed me to do open pdfs, verify before uploading, etc… I am tempted to give the new one away and go back to the older model. Thanks for your help.

Okay the pdfs now open when clicking on the site. They do not however open i IE when testing (prior to uploading). Is this typical? I know I uploaded pdfs before and was able to verify before uploading the actual file.

One easy fix that should get you out of the browser issue is to open up that PDF in Photoshop, save it as an image and link to the image on your page. Heck, you could even save the image as a low-resolution GIF (it’s probably black and white, text document?) which would load quickly. Just an idea to prevent the “brain pain” that comes with trying to make IE and FF agree.