Open link in new tab with countdown timer

Hello coders in the house. I am a complete beginner, I saw something on thewpclub.Net and I want to implement the same on my Wordpress blog.

When someone clicks a download link, I want a new browser tab to open and display a countdown timer like 15 seconds before the main download link will now appear.

Pls try and download from thewpclub. Net , you will understand what am trying to say.
I guess thewpclub. Net is using some kind of php script because the page that open in new tab where the coutdown happens seems to be a dynamic page which is created on the fly

Actually for this it sounds more java-scripty than php. I’ve been so deep in React world, I could easily think of ways to do this but my question really is, why?

Why would you want to open another tab (which has accessibility drawbacks unless you tell them that hey, this link opens in a new tab), and then, have them wait for the link. Kinda goes against the grain of the whole “Don’t make me think” mantra.

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Thanks @Bwclovis.
I will indicate at the bottom of the download link that it will open in a new tab. So as not to make it look like deception / deceit
And to answer your question why i want to do it. Is because i want to generate more page view on my blog to increase AdSense earning. am not trying to inconvenient the users.
You know when a user visit a post on my blog and scroll to the end of that post and then click on the download link. If am able to implement this feature then the person will view the ads on the dynamically generated download page too.
Please help me to write the code am not that good in JavaScript.
I promise the countdown will not be more than 5-10 seconds.

Offering a download link and making the user wait for a fixed amount of time before downloading does inconvenience the user, though. It’s a technique used by sites who also offer a paid downloading service without the wait.

In any case, this isn’t a PHP thing, it’s more JavaScript, so I’m transferring this to the JavaScript board.


Thanks @droopsnoot
The countdown will be very quick just 5-10seconds, it just to increase pageview.
I will be glad if anybody can assist me with this

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