Countdown timers

how can i add a coundown timer of say 30 sec . since i am using a coundown timer which is not working as i require. i got two pages and when i run the code, the timer already started and running in background on page 1 and in page 2 there is no countdown timer showing. i dont know how to achieve my task of showing countdown timers like a game timer for my 2 pages…

What are you wanting to achive?

Is that a problem? Do you want the timer to not start right away? Is being in the background a problem? Or is it something that is right in contrast to page 2?

When do you want the page 2 timer to show? Is page 2 shown while page 1 is also being shown, in a new window? Do you want page 2 to continue the timer from page 1, to be synchronised with page 1, or do you want the page 2 timer to start from the top again?

There are lots of variations to how such timers might work. Further details of what you desire, and a look at what you have already done, will go a long way towards finding a solution for you.