Blogger javascript Timer button just like this one

I want to create that like of timer and after it finish they can start download the file.

I want to put it on my blogger site. not all post are required to have that kind of button though.

Sorry i dont know where to place my question.


That’s actually done through javascript.

Here’s some examples that I pulled up with a quick search:

Since you say you’re running a blog, what platform are you using? It’s possible that someone already wrote a plugin for it to do this.

ill check it out, thanks for fast reply :slight_smile:

mr superman,

this code and is what i want for my blog but the 2nd problem is how can i extract that in my blogger site?

I did try putting that all codes but it didnt work as just like in the example, it all messes up in my blog. Sorry about this im not so good in html, i only have a small knowledge though. :slight_smile:


im using blogsite / blogger :slight_smile:

Using blogger (or to host your blog does come with certain limitations. It’s been thousands of years since the last time I used it.

I found this article that it may help you to add that Javascript to your own blog. I hope it helps