Open a US office from another country


I am working as a freelance and I want to ask if there is a trusted web site can help open office in US for person outside US ? take care of all the procedures.


It could very well be because English is not my native language (either), but I don’t have a clue what you’re asking, in relation to being or wanting to be a web designer. Please rephrase or elaborate on it.


Opening US virtual office online

a virtual office… for whom? You’re a freelancer, you dont have staff?

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You need legal advice. You should get legal advice. Both for your country and for the USA.

As for non-legal advice, you can look for virtual offices. If a virtual office can satisfy requirements then it can be very economical. There are very many businesses offering virtual offices in many cities, probably every major city. Most virtual offices do not have a physical office and I assume you do not need one.

If you do need a physical office temporarily then there are many possibilities, depending on requirements. Hotels might have offices you can use. If you need to rent a permanent office then perhaps you want work with a real estate agent. If you are asking for a recommendation for such an agent then perhaps someone can make a recommendation.

There are very many businesses offering virtual offices. I do not know about any of them except Office Location | United States | Opus Virtual Office seems to have many locations. Also Virtual Offices | Premier Workspaces is probably good but all I know is what is in the website.

If you are thinking of opening an business office in the US is same as having a registered LLC company in the US as a non resident.

No, having an office for a business is not the same as having a registered LLC. If you are laboring under that belief I STRONGLY advise you to seek the counsel of a legal professional in business law.

In the USA a LLC is a type of corporation but there are other types of corporations. Also in the USA a corporation must be registered in a state and each state has relevant laws that vary by state. I am not an attorney but as far as I know a foreign corporation does not need to be registered in the USA to do business in the USA. A corporation registered in a state must pay the relevant state taxes and fees. In the USA a business does not need to be a corporation but a business person needs to get legal assistance with any type of business.

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