Online and on my hard disk appearance differs

I have a page that displays differently when I view it online than when I view it from my hard disk. I have re-uploaded the html and css files and the difference persists.

I work on a Windows computer and the Host is Linux. My browser is Firefox 5.0. I know that when I have inconsistencies with uppercase/lowercase file names in my html, viewing the files on my browser will show no errors but they will be broken links/images when viewing online.

Is there something corresponding to that in CSS that would explain why the display is different when uploaded to the Linux server?


So I guess the next question is how you are viewing it on your computer. Are you viewing the page in FF5 on your desktop?

what are these “differences”?

Linux is case sensitive with file names so it matters you write the correct case for links to files, etc. The same is true of the file paths and such things as spacing in file names and forward slashes for directories.

As asked above we’d need to know what the differences are exactly?

Is the css file missing? Or is the css in place but the page is rendered differently?

Can you post screenshots of the differences between local and online versions and do you have a link?

There can be differences between pages viewed online due to latency and in the past Firefox would on first view display pages incorrectly if image dimensions were missing from the html. There were similar issues with the display:table properties when the css was still in the head and elements became misplaced.

One page is “shrunk” when viewed via the server and not when viewed from my hard drive. Smaller fonts and smaller overall width.

I’ve attached images.

I plan to go through and clean up my CSS. This is my first non-table based layout site. I did a lot of tweaking using styles in the Head that I want to put in the attached sheet. I have no clue why it would display differently after uploading than when on my drive. I am using the same browser for viewing.

I just tested in IE8. It has the shrunk page even when viewed on my hard disk.

Looks to me like you just need to go to View > Zoom > Reset on your desktop version. You may have bumped up the font size without realizing it. That also suggests that the smaller version of the page is the actual size.

I’d second Ralph’s suggestion as Firefox will remember the zoom setting for specific sites so that if you have accidentaly zoomed the online version the url will be remembered and shown at that size size each time you view it online. The local site will of course render at the normal size.

Also, check to see if (where you’ve hosted the site online) haven’t added any extra code to your pages (e.g. for advertisments).

It is a multi-page site and only that one page is shrunk. I did try resetting the zoom on both the shrunk page and non-shrunk pages with no change.

However, since I discovered that IE8 shrinks the page when it is on my hard drive as well as when it is hosted online I will be able to test possible fixes without having to upload to the host.

This is my first CSS with no layout tables site. I was in a hurry to get it up so my style.css is a bit messy and I have quite a few styles in the heads of pages. When I have a bit more time I am going to go back and clean up my style page and get the styles out of the html heads.

I haven’t run through a validator in awhile. That may help pinpoint the problem.