IE is messing with my head

I designed a website which works great in all the major browsers (except IE) below are 2 screenshots.

This is from my PC and everything looks great.
However look what happens when I copy it to a shared drive then open it up

Im really lost as to why the 2nd one differs soo much.
I inspect the element on both sides and noticed th 2nd sees styles the 1st one doesn’t, why is that and is there a fix?

The usual answer is “IE screws everything up.”
Without being able to see the page myself, it’s going to be difficult to diagnose, but the simplest answer I can give at this point is “Find an element that differs when you look at the Computed tab in each browser. That will point you to where the differences lie.”

From the screen-shot it appears you are using “CSS Variables” (Custom Properties) which IE does not support.


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