Different Look, Same Browser

I have a dev environment locally and another on a remote server. When I call the same page using the same CSS file from the exact same instance of the FF browser, the font size is different. I was under the impression the browser did the interpretation. Why would the look in the same browser be different from two different serving locations? Thanks

It shouldn’t be different, of course. Make sure you’re not “zoomed in” on either page (hit CTRL+zero).

Interesting, I hit Ctrl-0 on the smaller of the two and now they are the same. I was not aware that even existed. Just played with it a little bit and sure enough it is page specific and I can now replicate the problem. Thanks for the heads up.

Just a lucky guess. I built an entire career on having a pretty good guessing percentage. :wink:

You can zoom in and out with CTRL+ and CTRL-, with CTRL+zero being the reset.