One website with sections on two servers

Hi I have a client who has his domain and hosting with one company using Microsoft servers, however he now wants a private intranet section to be added to his website, which I propose to develop with php/mysql and would like to host on my Apache servers. As the existing website has asp functionality the client would not like to rebuild it but would like to keep it as it is for now and add my section to it.

In this case the main site would be hosted on the current microsoft environment, while my section would be hosted on my server. I also want to implement a user name and password for people trying to access the /private section, which I normally do using password protect directories in cpanel. How can I set this up?

In summary, I will create a hosting account on my server for this client, then I want to link section to this account and implement password protection on it.


Why not use a subdomain for your portion of the website. Subdomains are actually separate domains which can be hosted separately - provided the WinDoze host will add the subdomain and point it at your server.



I agree. Having another domain name or subdomain name ill allow you to host your stuff on another server.

Ok so all I need to do is tell the current host to point to my server’s ip address right?

Your subdomain name is just different domain name for the new web site and you need to remember about that and you need to point the nameservers of your new server for this domain name.

First of all: they are 2 different web sites would be :wink: Not the same. In this case the title remains misleading for now.

Indeed, they are different BUT private is in the private subdirectory of the main domain and can be accessed by http://main/private/ UNLESS you use mod_rewrite in that directory to require that the host be private.main and FAIL all others. If you’re interested in that, please ask in the Apache forum as that’s where I hang out.