I need your opinion


Think that you build a website in many languages, what is the best solution concerning the architect of files ? which method your prefere of the followings:

  1. http://www.website.com/en/files

  2. http://en.website.com/files

I’m asking the question to think in advance about the next step, so in the future, if the website get a lot of traffic, it’s better to build a subdomain ( method 2 ) so I will be able to give is another dedicated server ? or method 1 is better? as the most of websites over the web.

Sounds like you are running through Plesk or something similar.
You can actually setup each subdomain to point to a different IP address and then have that other server hold the other subdomain(s).
You could use a proxy, but I think actual seperate IP’s set are better. This is easy to do in your domain management tool(s).

someone told me about something called proxy, that we put it on the website ( I don’t know if it’s like .htaccess or non ) and it will drive visitors between servers.

Thanks smftre and praetor, I think I’m gonna to use the first method ( website.com/en/ ) and when I get traffic, than I can create sub and use .htaccess to redirect all the visit to the new address.

I prefer something like www.website.com/?lang=en , but your first option is equally ok imo.

Thanks smftre, in fact, when we make a subdomain, it builds its httpdocs dirctory, and it will not be easy to a normal directory in the httpdocs of the website, non ??

Also a question, do you think that possible to have the website on a sharing hosting and a part of the website, who gets a lot of traffic on a dedicated server ? if you ask me wy ? because when this part of the website ( the forum of the website ) get a lot of traffic whole the website go down.

depends on your directory structure, they could actually be the exact same thing.
if you plot your subdomains to the root of the domain then en.site.com is the same as site.com/en/.

You can set directories to be on other servers, as much as you can do the same with subdomains.

You could even do wildcard subdomains and then use the root to handle the redirection of data servers or have the main site as a “viewer” and use multiple servers to “transmit” to the main viewing machine.