Create new subdomain

how can i make a new domain name that has it’s own mysql and redirects to a different ip than the main domain, let me give you an example:

i have that goes to
i want to create that goes to
and be able to create a cpanel for itself.

is that possible?
or which will be best way to create a dev subdomain?


If you just want to develop a site without working on the live site, why not do it on your own computer?

You can add an entry to your hosts file to point http://dev/ to your own computer, or whatever you want to call it.

Download WAMP/XAMPP/MAMP to install Apache, PHP and MySQL in one go.

thanks, however sometimes i need the client to be able to see what are we doing.
That’s why i don’t want to work local.

thanks though

Just create this subdomain the standard way, and modify it’s A NAME record to point to any IP you need.

If you have access to WHM, you could create then create When you’re ready to swap with, you can use the Modify an Account feature in WHM to modify the accounts’ username and primary domain.

thank you guys both solutions seem great ideas!

No problems, it’s never too late for learning something new :slight_smile: