On site widget personalization


Haven’t posted on this forum for a while, however I need some help :slight_smile:

Just finished a news website and now I want to give other webmasters the possibility of adding our news to their websites. So this will be done through RSS, of course.

However, what I want to do is give them the possibility of customizing the widget before adding it to their website. So they click on the “Get our news” button in the menu, they go to the widget page. Once they are there they need to be able adjust the width of the widget, background, link title color, etc.

Basically, what I want is something like this : http://www.indiaeveryday.in/services/ ( under Display Settings ) category.

Any suggestions on what I need to do to achieve will help a lot.


Hi [B][COLOR=#0071D8]StudioWorks,

[/COLOR][/B]I think this has the following flow:

  1. Your news site has a Ajax driven form that lets a user select their widget options. The parameters of the lists are parameters that you have allowed and enabled in your RSS widget creation code.
  2. Either using complete javascript or a combination of javascript and a server-side language, you would make use a a users choices and build the code that is compliant with your RSS service.
  3. When the user places the widget in their site, the rss widget would connect to your RSS service and pass the parameters that the user choose.


Hello Steve,

Thank you for your reply but, basically, you simply rewritten my first post :slight_smile: What i am interested in is if there are some scripts or tutorials that can help me provide the users with the option to customize their own widget ( width, background color, etc ).