Pulling and styling RSS feeds with Java

Hi all I wonder if someone could help me with a little project im working on. Im building a news website and would like to pull in relevant RSS feeds from sites such as the WSJ and the Washington Post and rather than simply display a the feeds as a list I would like to split them up into individual headlines and restyle them a bit like flipboard. Is it possible to do this with JavaScript, if so how would it be best achieved?

If the community could help me with this it would be great.

Well first you would gain permission from places like WSJ to republish their content. Given that they provide the material in an RSS format, that’s pretty much a given. But it’s important to cover those requirements.

The next thing to look for is some kind of API to help limit the amount of work you have to do, which a quick search provides the Google Feed API

Hay pmw57 thanks for the quick response. I dont think the content owners will have a problem as the plan is to title link in the RSS to link through to the actual webpage and display it in a lightbox, ads and all.

Hey DrGizmondo did you find how to do this ?
I am also looking this kind of project.

Not as yet still working on it, if you dont mind me asking how far have you got on finding a solution?

Yes the permissions to republish is usually necessary or common courtesy:)

I am really interested in how one could achieve this. As you make progress, would you guys be willing to put of some of your code or explain what you did?