How to customize the look of a widget?

Hello all,

I am creating a website for a farm company. they need to add widget of " agricultural weather, Market data for corn and all". is there any widget out there that we can customize the look and feel.

I didn’t worked with weather widgets. So please give em some direction how to customize the look and feel of a widget


Hi Pramod,

You will have to look at a number of the weather widgets that you may like to use. See if any of them provide documentation for customizing the look and feel. If not (which is most likely) then you can look at what CSS they use to style them. You can then create a CSS style sheet that overrides the current look and feel. With CSS you could pretty much override anything. The only ugly thing is if they set their styles inline using Javascript then you will have to override the inline CSS. It is not elegant but possible.



You could try the Weather Wherever widget:

You can completely personalise this one to fit in with the colours and design of the site you’re working on. One of the background designs is a photo of countryside and fields so it sounds like it would be perfect for what you are looking for. You can have weather forecasts for up to 5 days with this widget.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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