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what are the feature of ON page SEO, How can i make my website SEO friendly?


Google has a very helpful "Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide".

I suggest you follow that carefully. It covers all aspects of SEO, and as it comes directly from Google, you know the advice given is sound.


thanks for your response its so kind you, i will defiantly go through it


Well, i must say that the On-page SEO plays an important role in the ranking of your keyword and site. It includes number of activities like meta tag, in page linking, image alt text, checking the keyword density, outbound link etc etc.


On-Page SEO features or techniques of on-page seo are
- Meta tags
- Ensuring keyword density
- Proper heading hierarchy
- Internal and External linking
- AMP pages
- Structured data
- Rich cards
- sitemap
- robots text
are few techniques which can make your website search engine friendly.


The most important On-page SEO features are
1. Quality content: The quality of the content matters.
2. Keyword Density: Keyword density must be 1-3%.
3. Readability: How easily the content is understandable to the user.
4. Originality: Content must be unique.
5. Good Grammar: The content must be Without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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On page SEO Techniques

Content optimization
Mobile Friendly
Meta Description
URL Structure(User Friendly)


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For Best on-page strategy, you need to focus on these:

  1. CONTENT: As content is and forever will be the King of SEO. You need to make sure the content you push out is fresh, frequent and containing all the important keywords you're trying to rank for.
  2. TAGS: Make sure you use all the important Tags like Title Tags, Heading Tag, Alt Tags appropriately and in accordance with keywords.
  3. URL: Make sure the keywords are included in the URL and also try to keep the URL short and concise enough. This provides you with an SEO-Friendly URL.
  4. MOBILE OPTIMIZATION: Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and is adapted enough to be viewed comfortably across all mobile devices.
  5. LINKING: In your content, make sure you include both inbound as well as outbound links.
  6. PAGE LOAD SPEED: The time your website takes to load is one the most important factors of on-page SEO. Make sure your site loads faster to account for better on-page.
  7. LENGTH: write lenghty content for your website as the shorter content is looked down upon by Google and won't help you much with your rankings.