On latest Firefox 15.0 : audio player working on one website but not on my website

It will for certain not use Flash and most likely is using JavaScript instead. @TechnoBear is correct Flash player is not supported on any of the apple devices.

Indeed, I use the Flash based player on the computer browsers only:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="$fileUrl" width="$width" height="$height" id="dewplayer" name="dewplayer">
<param name="movie" value="$fileUrl" />
<param name="flashvars" value="mp3=$mediaFileUrl&autostart=$autostart" />
<param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

On smartphones I use instead the HTML5 javascript based player, which works fine on smartphones:

<img id="$playPauseButtonDomId" src="$buttonPlayImage" title="" />
<script type="text/javascript">
var audioPlayer$uniqueId = new Audio("$mediaFileUrl");
document.getElementById("$playPauseButtonDomId").addEventListener('click', function(){
  if (audioPlayer$uniqueId.ended || audioPlayer$uniqueId.paused) {
    document.getElementById("$playPauseButtonDomId").src = "$buttonPauseImage";
  } else {
    document.getElementById("$playPauseButtonDomId").src = "$buttonPlayImage";
}, false);
audioPlayer$uniqueId.addEventListener('ended', function(e) {
  audioPlayer$uniqueId.removeEventListener('ended', arguments.callee, false);
  document.getElementById("$playPauseButtonDomId").src = "$buttonPlayImage";
}, false);

But, as I said at the start of this thread, the Flash based player is not working on the latest Firefox, nor on my Chromium 18.0 Linux.

So I just tried something else, I tried to use also on the computer browsers, the HTML5 javascript based player.

But it works on neither Firefox nor Chromium.

Here is the error I get when using the HTML5 javascript based player on Firefox 16.0.1

HTTP “Content-Type” of “audio/mpeg” is not supported. Load of media resource http://localhost/dev/php/learnintouch/www/learnintouch.com/account/data/elearning/exercise_page/audio/Histoireduvin.mp3 failed.

The file path to the mp3 file is correct.

I wonder if the reason the Open Standard Media (OSM) Player of http://mediafront.org

is also not working on Chromium 18.0.1025.168 (Developer Build 134367 Linux) Built on Ubuntu 11.10, running on LinuxMint 12

is not the same as for my HTML5 javascript based player…

Did you check that the file permissions are correct?


And for their Flash based player

It works fine on Firefox 16.0.1 and on Chromium 18.0

Yes, the file permissions are correct, it works fine on the smartphones with the HTML5 javascript based player.

Also, this http://mediafront.org/dashplayer/index.html#.UHx1Q3ZZlaZ works fine on Firefox 16.0.1 on Linux and on Chromium 18.0 on Linux.

Only the HTML5 javascript based player http://mediafront.org/osmplayer/index.html#.UHx2TXikRxD does not work on Chromium 18.0

I have implemented the audio playback using another framework I just found about, namely the elegant soundmanager2 at http://www.schillmania.com/projects/soundmanager2/

It can be seen on my website at http://www.learnintouch.com/elearning/exercise/55/page/194/subscription/

Thanks to you all for your support !

My user is telling me he still has the issue of the player not playing the audio on his Firefox 15.0.1 on Windows.

My Firefox 16.0.1 on Linux plays it fine, but I don’t have a Windows box to test.

Can any of you running Windows see if it plays ?

My mistake, the version of my user’s Firefox is 12.0

Doesn’t work on firefox 15.0.1 on w7.

You should run windows in a virtual machine, it’s not a good idea to not have access to the primary end user environment for testing.

Hi EastCoast, you are right, a test environment is quite useful, so I bought today a cheap used laptop with Windows on it and Firefox 12.0 and it behaves exactly as my user’s showing the same issue. Now I have an environment that reproduces the issue. I also posted on the forum of the soundmanager framework at https://getsatisfaction.com/schillmania/topics/firefox_12_0_and_maybe_15_0_on_windows_not_playing_the_mp3_audio_file?rfm=1 as I thought they might be interested to know about it, but it seems the forum is not that active over there.

I notice there is a javascript error (this shows in chrome):
TypeError: Cannot call method ‘addEventListener’ of null [http://www.learnintouch.com/elearning/exercise/55/page/194/subscription:564]

and in firefox:
TypeError: document.getElementById(“playerStopButtonc38c”) is null

Good point EastCoast, this null object was a side mistake of my latest coding, thanks.

I wish this would have solved my issue :slight_smile:


Might be worth installing the debug flash player see if the flash swf is throwing any exceptions. I’d still construct a basic test page to help troubleshoot.

It is working on my system

I understand you run Windows.

Can I ask you the version number of your Firefox ?


What file format(s) are being used when on Windows and Firefox 12? You need to find the video file formats supported on Firefox 12. Also (I can’t remember) does Firefox 12 support HTML5 video elements? This may have nothing to do with the player and more to do with the lack of video support (either the codecs in Windows or the browser support).

My users only upload mp3 files. Firefox does not support mp3 for ethical questions. So the soundmanager2 framework has this fall back option of using a gui-less flash player to play these audio files when needed. At least, that is my understanding of it.

Just you install the plugin and use it its so simple dude…