Audio player without html5?

Is there any audio players I can use on my php website where I can change the look?
Not sure what to do. Can I add a photoshop file to make a skin or how do you change and make it looking good?
Or is this something one can do via css?

I’m new to this.

I’ve got this cool flash one. The color and size can be changed

Also take a look at soundmanager2

Oh, yes. Forgot to say. No Flash.

You can style the <audio> element and add functionality with JS. If you want a player (as opposed to a direct download link) then it’s either HTML5 or Flash.

For those whose brosers don’t support the audio tag (and who don’t have Flash if you also provide that version) you could provide a download link as the fallback.

Or, if anyone have a tip on what to use. Something that will work on most browsers and great if it works on iPhone and stuff like that as well. What is the best solution?

Is there any player solution to just play one mp3 file to the visitors?

Almost! To play for everyone, you need the audio in at least one more (ogg) format, but it’s pretty easy to set up. Check this out: