Help: Firefox 5 broke my site

I recently upgraded Firefox on my site and suddenly lots of things aren’t working.

  • Flash graphics no longer print
  • Javascript onclick doesn’t work
  • CSS isn’t functioning the same (text boxes are breaking out of layers).

Does anyone have any experience with this upgrade? Are there settings I can change or do I have to reprogram?


I assume you mean on your computer. :slight_smile: Could you post a link so we can check the site out? I haven’t had any problems with the Firefox upgrade so far.

Unless I’ve missed something, FF5 is as standards-compliant as the earlier versions. It probably isn’t the browser, at least not the proper version. Without knowing more, I’d guess you have a corrupt installation. You might try deleting it and reinstalling it (back up bookmarks and such). Or for some reason I wouldn’t attempt to explain, the user settings got reconfigured to turn off CSS, Flash, and JS.

Try disabling any plugins and addons that you have installed one at a time, it may be a plugin that’s not fully compatible with FF5. Are you able to view any flv (flash video) files? Try downloading the latest version of flash for ff